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Module Content

Module 1 (12:26 mins.)
Strength Defined, Limit Strength, Limit vs. Maximum Strength, Optimal Strength & Hypertrophy, Absolute vs. Relative Strength, The Speed & Strength Continuum, Muscular Endurance vs. Strength-Endurance, Structural & Neural Adaptations, New Evidence, Adaptation to Resistance Training, Who displays greater intensity, volume or density of training?

Module 2 (13:28 mins.)
Subjective Ratings of Perceived Exertion, Intensity, Momentary Maximum Strength, Training to Non-Failure (Beginners), #1 Progressively Increase Intensity, #2 Progressively Increase Volume, #3 Progressively Manipulate Intensity, Volume & Tempo, Tapering

Module 3 (14:14 mins.)
Volume, Intensity vs. Volume, Males vs. Females, Muscle Fiber Distribution, Density, Who displays greater intensity, volume or density of training?

Module 4 (16:20 mins.)
Reps, Reps and Hypertrophy, Resistance Influences Amount of Degraded Protein, Sets, Single vs. Multiple Sets, Quality Over Quantity, Tempo, Metabolic, Neural & Hormonal Effects, Alter Type & Speed of Muscle Contraction, Decreasing Force-Velocity Curve, Intended vs. Actual Velocity, Extremely Slow Velocity

Module 5 (18:10 mins.)
Time Under Tension (TUT), TUT Theory, Tension-Time Effect Above a Minimum Threshold, Sarcoplasmic vs. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, Rest Interval, The Rest Interval Recap, The Rest Interval Problem, The Rest Interval Solution, Exercise Selection, Squat Variations, Shoulder Abduction, Lateral Raise, Muscle Imbalance, Unilateral Routine, Posture Routine, Agonist/Antagonist Routine

Module 6 (12:33 mins.)
Sequence of Exercises, Classic Debate, Forms of Sequencing, Load Selection, Constant Reps vs. Loads, Precise Load Calculations, Duration

Module 7 (16:50 mins.)
Frequency, Overcompensation Curve, Optimal Training Stimulus, Optimal Training Progression, Frequency Paradox at a Higher Intensity, Sample Beginner and Intermediate Programs, Sample Advanced Program, Periodization, Various Motor Qualities, Methods of Periodization, Considerations, Anatomical Planes

Module 8 (13:34 mins.)
Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Strength Training for Females, Strength Training for Children, Training Log, #1 Resource, References

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